Nilsen Labs is a sole proprietorship run by me, Frode Nilsen, since 2011. I work on developing software primarily for mobile platforms - Android and Windows 10 being the primary focus. The company is based in Oslo, Norway.

Nilsen Labs

Developing software for the mobile generation


Ticki is a Windows 8 (RT) front end to the Google Tasks todo-list. Ticki exposes all functionality from the Google Tasks interface: create, update and delete lists and tasks, and manage order of the tasks and the task hierarchy. All this through a intuitive touch-based interface which give a superior user experience to that to the web-based interfaces found in GMail and Google Calendar.


GogTasks is a tool that synchronize Outlook tasks with Google Tasks. It may very well be the last piece of the puzzle that make your tasks available everywhere, all the time. Using Google Tasks as the center of the hub, GogTasks allows you to store your tasks "in the cloud", while working with them through the rich user interface of Microsoft Outlook.

Chinese Showdown

A multiplayer chinese poker app for Android with smooth 2D graphics and fun gameplay. Launched in June 2013, this app aims to set a new standard for Chinese Poker games at the Android platform.

GetOut ├ślbarometer

This app helps you find the cheapest beer nearby! An Android app in cooperation with getout.no - a nightlife guide for Norway.

Flags and Capital Quiz for Android

Quiz yourself and learn all the flags, capitals and countries of the world. Includes data for all UN-recognized sovereign states. A fun way to learn about countries!

Flags and Capital Quiz for Windows Phone 7

The same game as created for Android. The game was created as a project I blogged about in January 2011